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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Energy Boosters

The last week has been a busy one, full of the activities that went into the preparation for a single photo shoot. I spent the week planning, coordinating my modeling partner, the stylist/makeup artist, and my husband's schedules, taking an afternoon shopping trip with the stylist for shoot wardrobe, getting my nails done, and watching like a bride planning her outdoor wedding.

I chose modeling, not just because of the lights, the clothes, the makeup artist fussing between shots with my hair and powdering my face, the sound of the shutter, the FUN of it all; it is my heart's desire to be a role model for women of my generation--especially now. I know all too well that place of helplessness and resignation to the aging process that many women feel as menopause claims their physical youthfulness.

It has taken a couple of years to remember it because of my struggle, trying to starve myself into keeping my size 4 figure while the pounds inexplicably crept on, but I finally realized (duh) that beauty comes from my spirit, no matter my dress size.

This shoot would be my first since the economic downturn and the start of my journey through menopause. I had put this dream on the very back burner of one of those humongous gourmet kitchen stoves, so to grasp hold of it again and stand in front of the camera, I confess, did make me nervous.

Did I still have what it takes? Is there even a market for my look? I don't see that the "youth = beauty" American culture has shifted a whole lot. My sweet husband, Leland, spent plenty of time assuring me, with that lustful look he gives me (which I love), "Oh yes, you've still got it."

Shoot day was upon me.

"This is it," I told myself, "no backing out now. Forward--only forward."

I was jazzed. Energized. Throwing off all kinds of brilliant colors, or at least that's how it felt!

I would love to be able to encourage one woman by saying, "Look--I can still be a beautiful, vibrant woman, and YOU CAN TOO!"

To the sisterhood of the random mood swings and body temperature changes, please feel free to share your stories here.

To all, male or female, what are your recovered dreams? How did you bring them back to life?

I love stories!

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