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Friday, May 4, 2012

It's True

Nothing stays the same.

The longer one is in unpleasant circumstances it is tempting to believe they will never change, and I admit that I'm guilty of this, and so much that goes along with it: worry, despair, hopelessness, etc.

Because there is a certain tension that Christ followers deal with every day--the tension between the natural and the renewed spirit--we struggle with what is, in the physical, and what is our spiritual reality.

So while the facts that present themselves on a daily basis in this world occupy my thoughts and seem to enjoy generating all the negativity they can, the Spirit plays a recording of God's promises.

Interestingly, the negativity shouts at me, while the promises whisper calmly.

And then, something, no matter how small it is perceived, changes. Such has been the case for us, recently. Following is an update on how God continues to place his unmistakable hand on us:

  • When we returned home from Florida, we found an anonymous gift card in the pile of mail. 
  • Two friends rang our doorbell at different times the same day last week. They wrote checks and gave them to us. Of significant note here: we had never spoken to these people about our financial crisis. 
  • Leland has received extra work assisting a friend who is an HVAC contractor. 
  • A full-time employment opportunity I had applied for fell through (the expected interview never happened), but the next day, I received a call from the manager of the tack shop I had applied to over a month ago, offering me temporary work at her store. 

We're still living indoors, and we're eating well. We're being provided for, and I am keenly aware of one fact:

He never changes. 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. --Hebrews 13:8
And my God will meet all your needs... --Philippians 4:19

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