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Friday, July 29, 2011

Celebration of Life

Yesterday, Leland and I attended the memorial service at Buckhead Church for our friend, Kathy Marotta. We heard stories of her life--struggles, overcoming, serving others, teaching, writing, relating--from her friends and Pastor, Jeff Henderson. 

We grieved, we laughed, and we left with hope--hope in the promises of Jesus for life that never ends and eternity with Him, if we simply believe.

I have a story about Kathy that I would like to share with you now; testimony to her heart and her giving nature.

Around the time that Kathy's book, No Burning Bushes, was due to be released, she came to Leland's studio to sit for head shots. She could light up a room. She laughed and had a great time through the entire photo shoot. She was a natural in front of the camera.

As she sat in the office reviewing the pictures on the monitor with Leland, the conversation turned at some point and I was telling her about some of my recent struggles. I wish I remember the conversation well enough to quote what she said, but honestly, it was what she did that I remember.

She reached into her purse and dug around for a minute (it was a really big purse), and when her hand reached what she was searching for, she pulled it out and said, Here.

I opened my hand, and in it, she placed a tiny glass cross.

I stood there for a second, just looking at its beauty. I said something profound like, Wow, this is so beautiful! I asked her if it was Murano glass, and she told me it was, and that she had bought it while on a trip to Italy.

I started to hand it back to her when she said, No, you keep it.

Shocked, touched, speechless for a second, I looked into her beautiful eyes and told her thank you. She just smiled and said, You're welcome.

A random act of compassion and generosity; a moment between us that I will always treasure. She pointed me to the cross.

If there's anything Kathy will be remembered for, it's her heart for people and compassion for their suffering.

In remembrance of Kathy's giving spirit, her family has asked that anyone wishing to do so, donate to two charities:

  • Charity Water 
  • Global X - Bosnia: In Project Category, select Ministry Projects from the dropdown menu, then select Global X-Bosnia in the Project dropdown menu. Continue with supplying personal and payment information.
Our loss would be redeemed by these charities being supported, particularly the one closest to her heart, the Evangelical Church of Capljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Take time to celebrate life today. Be grateful, be content, be hopeful.


  1. Dear Lynne,

    What a beautiful tribute to your friend Kathy. She sounds like an amazing person. Wonderful story about the glass cross.

    I'm looking forward to reading Kathy's book. I'm also giving a copy to my friend Jo, who gently guides me with her spiritual knowledge.

    Kathy's spirit and her words will live on.

    Take care,
    Toni Dockter

    P.S. I read and loved ALL your blogs. Oh my gosh, Lynne, you're a fantastic writer! So yes, you must follow your dreams from the Dream Giver.

  2. Hi Toni,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, she was a wonderful person.

    I'm so glad you and Jo will be enjoying Kathy's book soon! Let me know how you like it and how Kathy's words speak to you.

    Her book, and her son, are her legacies. She lives on in them, and she lives now in heaven--in perfect love.

    Keep in touch, Toni!


    p.s. You've made my day!