Photo Credit: © 2006 Lynne Holder

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Memory of Kathy Marotta

Kathy Marotta was a stranger to me when, in the fall of 2009, we became members of a team of 7 people from North Point Community Church, whose purpose was to minister to the people of the Evangelical Church of Capljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the surrounding community.

 She was not a stranger for long. Her easy smile, wonderful laugh, and genuine heart for people drew others to her.

 The October '09 mission team to BiH, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
From left: Kathy Marotta, Lynne Holder, Nancy Smith, BJ Burggaller, Sandy Balmer (not shown are the 2 brave men on our team: John Morgan and Leland Holder)

Kathy wore her heart on her sleeve. She was open about her own struggles and what God taught her through all of them, hoping that her own story would shed some light and encouragement on someone else's path.

On Friday evening, July 15th, 2011, her journey here ended as she passed into eternity and the love she longed for--straight into Jesus' arms. 

Kathy formed many very special connections with the people in BiH and they quickly became her overseas family. There are many people there, as well as here in the US, who grieve her loss, but with the knowledge and comfort that our separation is only temporary.

In my mind's eye, I see my friend in the heaven of my dreams-- joyful, that fabulous smile, surrounded by light and love--at peace.

Save us a place at the table, Kathy.


  1. How touching to see your post while searching for information on Kathy's death. Sadly, I found out just last night. Her death is truly tragic to her family and those who love her, but she is in the loving arms of Jesus and her mother right now, with Linus faithfully sitting by her side. For that, I am truly grateful. For me personally, I am truly heartbroken. Susan (We met and talked at length, while sitting at the bar in the kitchen, at Kathy's 50th birthday party.)

  2. Wow, now that I see it, Kathy took the shot of my family and me that I use for my Google profile picture. We were at the beach with her and her family two summers ago.

  3. Susan, I am sorry for everyone's suffering over Kathy's death. Knowing she is at peace now, and that our separation is only temporary, is the hope we all hold on to in such situations.

    There is a memorial service tomorrow, Thursday, at 2:00, at Buckhead Church. If you didn't know about it, I hope you are able to attend.

    I'm glad you found me, and perhaps we'll see each other tomorrow.