Photo Credit: © 2006 Lynne Holder

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time For A Change

I might be unusual, but I've grown to like change. Well, the positive ones, anyway. I know when my gut is churning that my body and soul are telling me, "it's time."

This week Leland and I made a decision that we struggled with, but in the end, after counsel with our friends in community group, prayer, and listening for wisdom, we reached peace.

With our legal process toward certification of Leland On Location Photographic Images, Inc. as a woman-owned business, and a whole pile of bookkeeping to catch up on, I submitted my resignation to the manager of the tack shop. That part-time job had proven to be more of an obstacle and hindrance than a help, when my help was needed (and more valued, I might add) by my business partner. As of next Monday, it will be the end of a chapter and a new one begins.

Exit right.

Once Leland and I were both on board with this decision and I heard him say, "turn in your notice," it had an instantaneous effect on me. I was energized, excited, hopeful--and I started envisioning all sorts of great things coming our way.

Everyone is different in the way they view change. Most people seem to be afraid of it, my husband included. I think I'm so used to jumping off the cliff, soaring with the wind and seeing where it will take me, that it's not as difficult for me to make these leap-of-faith decisions. I have a huge God who has endless supply, which makes my possibilities endless.

Think about it--the riches of heaven, earth and the entire universe--and I'm a child of the King of it all. Sort of staggering, wouldn't you say?

Life is a progress, and not a station. --Ralph Waldo Emerson