Photo Credit: © 2006 Lynne Holder

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keeping It Simple

Keeping a positive, gratitude-filled attitude doesn't have to be rocket science. Keep it simple.

May I suggest, pick something that really brings a smile to your face. Dwell on it. Put it in whatever visual format you can and look at it several times a day.

For me, this is IT: Tiny Dancer

I instantly smile, then I giggle, then I thank God for the family I am blessed with--the family that has exceeded my wildest dreams.

This is my granddaughter, Kate, and she reminds me every day how great life is if I take time to break free of adulthood to see it through a child's eyes.

This is why Jesus loves children so much, I am convinced. They are authentic, joyful, uninhibited creatures, uncomplicated by doubt and fear.



  1. Kate is *definitely* authentic and uninhibited...even during her tantrums. ;) I'd take more videos of those, but she usually runs and hides in a dark closet when she melts down. I guess she just likes to keep it simple in anger as well as in joy.

  2. Yes, she *most definitely* is. And we love her to pieces. :) Give her a kiss from Gramma!

  3. Beautiful, Lynne... everything one intends to do on a daily basis is best done with a smile on one's face. And if that doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will! :)

  4. Thank you, Darren, and welcome to my blog. It's good to have good company.

    My sentiments exactly--you're in serious trouble if that video doesn't make the corners of your mouth turn upward!