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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shifting Tide

Photo credit: Lynne Holder (c)2012

A couple days ago, I felt a familiar tug at the core of my being--what I know as an impending shift. It's an intuitive hit that comes in advance of something changing.

Much like the ocean, life is made up of ebb and flow. Leland and I have been in low tide, financially, for a couple years. At the same time, I have felt the ebbing tide of American society; a steady decline in the level of morality, civility, and the foundation upon which this country was founded.

In a short 2 days, I feel this shift--the tide, if you will--coming in. Life is flowing. Somehow, I believe this is our season to see answered prayers. As for the country, and humanity in general, I can't say the same thing.

Please hear me:

I have never been, and never will claim to be, perfect. Far from it, I am flawed, learning, and seeking to be a better me.

What I will own is the label, "Idealist," which fuels the other part of who I am at my core, "Dreamer." If you aren't one of these two, count yourself fortunate. Why? Because if you were, you would most likely be disappointed with how things are far from idealistic. The realist and the pragmatist laugh at you and your silly, immature self.

Guess what. You, Idealistic Dreamer, don't need the world. In reality, the world needs you, but the world does not see it.

The "global community" the internet full of ever growing social media outlets has created, is nothing more than a planet full of disconnected narcissists (guilty hand raised). What concerns people is largely limited to the speck that is self at the nucleus, and a small orbit of people around the center of this little, individual universe. We are all orbiting around each other, never really touching, never really knowing one another, but calling each other "friends."

I began blogging here in November, 2010. I think I will end blogging here, in March, 2013. I'm going old school--journal and pen. I prefer going old school relationally, too--actual face-to-face, authentic friendships. That is the definition of community, after all.

Touching. Bumping into others. Messy as it sounds, it is, after all, ideal.

It's all part of the shift, and this Dreamer's journey. 

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