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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1 Year Later

A year has passed since I left blogging. I recall being frustrated, confused, a bit angry, and feeling marginalized--and then there was that distinct feeling of being vulnerable to the point of nakedness for having shared so openly about the financial, emotional and spiritual challenges Leland and I faced. 

When you don't have pictures of your great vacations, big house, and all the trappings of the American Dream to post on your Facebook page, "friends" are quiet. 

Facebook...where we all love to paint the perfect canvas of our perfect little lives. I'd love to see what would happen if people were honest about their real lives.

Just threw a tantrum and cussed out my wife/husband and kids. Good times.
Just spent an hour engrossed in my favorite porn video. Epic.
Just spent 2 hours cruising Pinterest for ideas on how to one-up the neighbor for my landscaping/interior design/kid's birthday party. What should I do?

I have too much fun in my head sometimes, but putting my vivid imagination aside, it all boils down to this (even if you aren't an Idealist like me):


Why the truth rant, you ask? Because in the community group we are part of, Leland and I have been subjected to 5 videos of prosperity gospel and word of faith theology--the belief that God wants everyone to be healthy and wealthy and all it takes are the right belief-filled words--from one of our culture's many false teachers in this arena.

Not healed? You didn't believe. Not wealthy? You just don't have faith. In a blatantly arrogant move to deflect his detractors, this TV preacher points out that those who are not healed and blessed with wealth are the ones protesting this teaching.

Now that the background is down, I'm going to delve into the 'miles deep foundation' of scripture, and also into more of the faith journey of the Holders' over the last year, of abundant life, and just what that means. I'm not a preacher or teacher and I have no formal seminary education, only experience in the university of life as a Christ follower and the desire to honor God.

Thank you for grace and patience as I work out the telling of our story.

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