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Friday, February 24, 2012

Keeping Hope

Yesterday, I acted on an intuitive nudge. I like to do that, regardless of the outcome.

Having finished my shopping trip at Costco, I headed south toward home on Highway 9. I've passed it many times, but this time, my eye caught the Dover Saddlery in the shopping center to my right.

They might be hiring. Go check.

Almost involuntarily, my hands steered the car hard right into the parking lot.

Dover Saddlery
I walked into horse heaven. I took a deep breath and smelled leather; looked around and saw the most beautiful stable-like decor. It was a feast for my senses and my horse-loving soul.

I walked to the register counter and saw a small sign with a stack of papers. They are accepting applications for employment. I admit, I got a little excited about the prospect.

I took the application home, filled it out, and thought about it for a while. I decided, if I am looking at working in a retail setting, I can't think of a better environment for me.

I returned the completed application to the store today. As I handed it to the assistant manager, she invited me to stay and browse around. I smiled from ear to ear.

I could happily wander in here for hours, I replied.

I love horses, horse people; even things like shipping boots, feed buckets, and horse cookies (I used to make a very special recipe for my horse and probably should have tried to market them. I might still--who knows).

So, hope lives...hope for employment, and hope for my equestrian soul to find its fit in the world, despite being presently horseless.

If this works out, you will definitely be hearing about it.

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