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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What A Week

It's been beyond unbelievable.

My husband lost his wedding ring. For the second time. You would have thought he'd learned his lesson the first time, but no......

This time the ring was lost at the gym and no one has turned it in. I imagine it will provide its finder with quite a nice chunk of cash, given that it cost me $600 and the price of gold has only risen in the last 2 years.

I say often, "I wonder when I will stop crying."

Sure, a ring is "just" a symbolic thing. But there is such an emotional element to that symbol that you place on your spouse's finger on that one day in a lifetime.

As the counselor said, "You have each other." He still has his wedding ring.

I can't go to the gym without looking at the floor for the ring, then getting teary-eyed.

Not the way I would have liked to end anniversary week.

When I realized that, after exhaustive searches, the ring is not likely to be returned, I got past the anger (while keeping my mouth SHUT) and finally, cried like a baby while Leland held onto me and said he was sorry--over and over.

Yes, we still have each other. A ring is just a thing, and in the last several years I've lost much and learned to detach from things, but this loss was a very emotional thing from which to detach.

Maybe it was just too much to add to the already heaped pile of stuff we have to face every day. Regardless, I think this would have been tough under any circumstances.

I will never see Leland's left hand the same again. I hope I won't always be this sad though.

We still have each other.

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